Dean Abdul-Latif

Minister of Natural Resources

Gender: Male
Birthdate: December 17, 1995
Current Age: 51

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 189 lbs.

Birth Place: Watsonville, Central California

Political Alignment: Left Wing
Political Party: Farmer's Party


Dean Abdul-Latif was born the son of retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Albert Abdul-Latif, a man from a Christian Lebanese family, at his father's ranch outside of Watsonville, in the Fort Ord U.S.A. He was raised with all the privilege of the landowning class. His father expected Dean to follow his footsteps as the aristocratic patron of 1,200 acres. At first, Dean was the perfectly dutiful son, but his life changed forever when the Portlanders invaded the Fort Ord U.S.A. in 2017. Given the command of his estate's militia, Dean was wounded in action on June 22, 2017 and ended up in a hospital ward of wounded peon farmers, many from his own ranch, and ended getting to know these people for the first time in his life, seeing what life was really like for the poor peasant farmers his family was exploiting. He swore to himself that he would dedicate himself to making their lives better. This lead to an estrangement with his father. This conversion also infuriated his new bride, Laura Rose Hotopp, whom he married on June 20, 2017, who felt Dean had betayed his class and his duty to her. They remained together despite this, but their relationship festered over the years.

In 2019, Dean left Watsonville for Portland, to make his fortune. While working for a large distilling company, he found himself involved in politics, quickly joining the new Farmer's Party when it was formed in 2021. Laura remained in Watsonville under the protection of Dean's father, though Dean did occasionally visit California during the next few years. In 2026, Dean was elected as M.P. for Watsonville for the Farmer's Party. He has remained in that seat ever since.

Abdul-Latif has the reputation of being a steady, reliable, loyal, dogged man. He is no genius, but he has excellent social skills, is the life of any party, and is know as a clear thinker and excellent consensus builder. When people talk of him, the work most often used is balanced.

The biggest threat to his personal equilibrium is his wife, Laura, a vain, immoral woman, whose hatred for her husband's cause has embittered her greatly over the years. Filled with malice toward's him, and the government, Laura is believed by rumor to be planning a divorce. Only religious concerns, and Abdul-Latif's own native stubborness, and Laura's fear ending up destitute has kept them together for this long.