Marilyn June Hickey

Rank: Brigadier General
Ethnic Background: Anglo-European
Birthplace: Santa Rosa, NCA
Age: 37 years of age.
Born: June 6, 2009
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs

Appearance and Personality

Solidly built, with short, somewhat unruly blonde hair and pale hazel eyes, General Hickey moves with a somewhat sinister grace.

Marilyn has a short temper and she is more than a little impulsive. While she is a supurb tactician, she is notoriously lax while handling the administrative details of her command. While she performed well as commander of the 14th Infantry, her poor handling of the increased adminstrative burden of a field infantry brigade after her promotion to brigadier led to a less than perfect fitness report and her subsequent transfer to the less demanding role as the commander of a National Guard brigade. Despite this, when her brigade was selected for mobilization as the garrison of Socotra Island, Brigadier Hickey was selected as military governor of the island.


Marilyn was the daughter of a minor Nazi Party official in Santa Rosa. When the British North American Colonies destroyed the Napa Valley Nazi state, Marilyn's father instantly changed sides and became an ardent supporter of them. Her father pressured Marilyn to enter the Royal Army Academy at Crown point in 2025. Reluctantly, she agreed, but soon found herself quite content with miltary life.

Service Record