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Wellington Reviewing the 11th Foot, Lambert's Brigade, Picton's Division, in Southern France, Spring, 1814. Figures by AB and Battle Honors. The buildings, by Drum, were painted by Charles Harbuck. These new AB figures are among the most recent additions to my collection, having been purchased unpainted from an E-Bay auction in September 2003. They are part of my Wellington's Peninsular Army as organized for the Battle of the Pyrenees in the Winter of 1813-1814.

A French brigade advances, summer of 1813. Figures by Battle Honors. <{>The Saxon Chevaulegers Regiment "Prinz Albrecht" preparing to charge the Austrian Prinz Albrecht Cuirassiers at Wagram. Figures by Old Glory.

A French brigade advances at Ligny in 1815. Figures by Battle Honors.